In-person to Virtual Learning

Below is the process if you would like to change from In-Person to Virtual learning.

Students that are In-Person learners that want to transition to virtual learners can do so at any time. Parents have to be aware that when they commit to virtual learning, they commit for the entire nine weeks. The end of the 2nd nine weeks is January 29th.

Below are the steps they will have to take to request virtual learning at this time.

  1. Parents will submit in an email that they want their child to be a virtual learner and understand they cannot change learning preference until January 29th, the beginning of the 3rd nine weeks.
  2. Parents should send the email to the homeroom teacher and Ms. Grant
  3. Ms. Grant will change the learning preference in SKYWARD and send an email notification to Ms. Cauley to change the schedule in the system.
  4. Ms. Cauley will email all teachers, Mr. Chase, and grade-level AP that the schedule has been changed.
  5. The homeroom teacher will email the parent that their child is a virtual learner and send a schedule the student will follow.

During this time, if the student is at home, he/she should continue to work virtually. Parents, please understand that you will not be able to switch back to in-person until January 29th. If you have any questions, please see Mr. Chase.